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Fitness Safety Tips To Know Before You Start Exercising

Note: If you haven't been active or exercising in a while, start slowly.

If you have some health concerns, talk to your doctor and ask which activities are safe for you to do before you start to do any kind of exercise.

Here are some fitness safety tips you need to know:

Warm up

A warm-up is one of the essential parts to a workout. It prepares your body for an exercise while reduces the chance of injury. Start out slowly and gradually pick up the pace as your body warms up. A warm-up exercise can be a 5-10 minute walk or march.

Cool down

A cool down is also one of the essential parts of a workout. It helps your heart rate and breathing return to resting levels and helps prevent feelings of dizziness, muscle soreness, and improved relaxation. A cool down exercise will be stretching and slow/gentle movements.

Stay Hydrated

Drink water before, during and after your workout. It helps regulate your body temperature, helps prevent from feeling dehydrated, dizziness, tiredness and muscle cramps.

Listen to your body

Recognize whether your feeling sore or in pain. Listen to your body. Rest and Talk to your doctor about your concerns.



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